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About Landon Developments...

Established in 2009, Landon Developments Ltd. is a local house building company based in Mold, Flintshire. With over 30 years experience in building high quality, high specification homes across North Wales, Landon Developments has grown to become a premier builder with the local touch. Owned by Peter & Marian Thomson, Landon prides itself on producing quality homes designed to meet the needs of the modern family.

Why buy a new home from Landon Developments...

Landon homes are energy efficient

Compared to older homes, new homes are on average six times as energy efficient. Better for the environment - and for your wallet.

Our homes are designed for modern living

A new home is a ‘blank canvas’, ready for your personality, meaning you won’t be stuck with the previous owners’ tastes!

We build homes to a high standard

We build to a higher specification than you’d find in most older properties, with fittings and fixtures of the highest quality.

You’ve got more choice

From starter properties to large family homes, Landon provide a wide range of designs to meet your needs.

Feel safe and secure as well as comfortable

Our homes meet high standards - for everything from structure to ventilation, sound insulation, electrical safety and fire safety.

Relax in your new home

Buying a new home eliminates the need to do any renovations, repairs or DIY meaning as new home owners you can spend more time with family and friends, doing all the things you really enjoy.

Enjoy peace of mind

Our homes come with a 10-year warranty - giving you a peace of mind those buying a second hand property simply don’t get.